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We offer Subscriptions to various services including our online Newsletter to the various service providers we have enlisted on our database, whilst simultaneously providing a platform for our legal partners who access our services. This, we do in order to ensure that we remain relevant and assist through knowledge empowerment to ensure fair and just speedy claims resolution. From Books to Online Subscriptions, you will find them here.

The Interactive Platform

If you have purchased the interactive Premium Plan as you subscription, then this page is for you. It allows you to use the interactive tools that are in the One X-i Advanced App without having to purchase the use of the App. There are terms and conditions that prevail over the data as the Data is cleared off the App soon after submission. No worries, you get a soft copy emailed to you before we clear the report off the system. Contained in this are the PDQ, QuickDASH and the BOTC. For Mental Health Specialists are the Brief Psychiatry Rating Scal and the Psychiatric Impairment Rating Scale.

Downloadable Resources

Some Policy Documents and other resources are relatively free to download. At a cost of R900.00 Once Off and lasting six months, all resources in this class are available to be downloaded as and when they become available. We take the complex documents and streamline them so as to make applying them less complex.