• Resources Only Plan

    Every year
    Only by invite. Registration and Authentication Mandatory
    • MUST be Registered On: (https://byxite.biz/3msQm9U)
    • Digital Access to the Organizational Subscribed resources.
    • Discounted Access to Webinars and Case Discussions monthly.
    • Other Conference invitations.
  • Interactive Premium

    Every month
    Use interactive tools on a plan
    Valid for 12 months
    • Electronic Questionnaires (PDQ's, QuickDASH, etc)
    • Limited One X-i Advanced System Tools
    • MUST be Registered as Enabled Expert https://byxite.biz/3AHC
    • Other Customized Solutions Designed Accordingly
  • One X-i Advanced PS

    Every month
    Medico-legal Assessments Reports & Impairment Rating Tool
    Valid for 24 months
    • One User License for access to the App
    • Training for your Administrators (Maximum 2 hours)
    • One Health Care User Training (Maximum 2 hours)
    • Mandatory 24 months Minimum Contract with buyout.
    • Unlimited Reports: Medico-legal Assessments (Road, WCA etc.)
    • Plan ONLY For Individual Practitioners
    • One Assessment /month is enough to cover all costs
    • Corporate Access? Contact us for a Quotation