Our Medical Advisory services caters for the short term period health related insurance products, the support for Assessors in the claim life cycle as well as the other programs where medical information is used to determine certain outcomes in order to process benefits. These services are of great benefit to the insurance industry and are tailormade to suit your industry requirements. From providing review and support to each application, to supporting case discussions inhouse, we have you covered.

Medical Incapacity Advisory

For the deserving professional that needs advice training and support, we are your partners

Insurance Claims Assessments

Medical Assessments, Quantification of impairment, disability and apportioning liability for RAF, COIDA (WCA) and Insurance Claims.

Whether the claim is handled by the Road Accident Fund or the Compensation Fund (WCA), an assessment must be done to have the impairment/disability quantified. This is done in Whole Person Impairment percentages. We carry out the assessments in line with the AMA Guidelines to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment 6th Edition. Our team is led by the Accredited Assessor who facilitates impairment evaluations as a Trainer and has trained experts and medical specialists all under one roof. All assessment are done in a single sitting thus preventing multiple visits for assessment. Reports are issued and accessible within seven days of assessment.

Compensation and Claims management service is designed to allow the safety manager in any organization to handle through proper support, the complete life cycle of an injury on duty. From the moment an injury occurs, till compensation and rehabilitation, we handle this process. Gone are the days when documents would be lost due to beiing stacked in a file. Our inhouse document flow and management system allows for the tracking and storage of records from reporting the injury till closure and beyond. Our electronic health records system stores these in secure servers, negating the need for fireproof rooms.

Compensation & Claims Services

Being aligned with Compensation Systems, our services extend to the employer and employees for workplace assessments

Insurance Medical Assessments Intermediary

Our services are not those of a postman. We have innovated so much that filling out medical reports takes you no more than five minutes

We have put so much investment in the intermediary value creation that when our doctors perform all assessments, they are not bothered with lots of form filling work. Our technology uses tick off type report writting that ensures minimal typing. All demographic details are prepopulated and all admin support functions completed before consultation. Our doctors only type a bit about their opinion on diagnosis whilst all other information is collected through tickbox type entries.

Compensation for injured employees relies on the correct quantification of the impairment which often correlate with the disability percentage. Should a claimant not be satisfied with the quantum, the objection process made warrant an independent review and final assessment. We are wll positioned to carry out these assessments (also referred to as Section 42 Examinations) through use of technology and referral networks.

COIDA Section 42 Assessments

Our Online Disability Declarations Services allow for the Declarations Signed off by a Medical Doctor