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Chronic Diseases Control: Holding Hands Program

More About This Program

The HSBX Holding Hands Program seeks to assist all chronic disease afflicted persons achieve better control of their clinical conditions. This program is borne out of current clinical evidence that an uncontrolled treated chronic condition is the same as an untreated chronic condition. Through this program, we aim to address the below.


We aim to assist through regular and effective reminders to take medication as and when necessary. This is coupled with active monitoring in partnership with you, the patient, to better act earlier than otherwise.


Lack of partnering with active healthcare providers We do not take you away from your usual doctor, but we partner with him/her to be aware of your clinical status with regards to controls. Any trends that predict possible areas of concern are coordinated with your usual doctor.


Lack of specialist support to the treating clinician Not only do we partner with your doctor, but through the training centre, we participate in educational programs that seeks to empower your usual doctor through support from specialists.


Whilst the Holding Hands program is aimed at the chronic patient, we have also included pregnancy monitoring and acute online consultations. Registered participants can actively participate in their care through selecting services that range from:


Actively Reviewed Home Self Monitoring

Dedicated Regular Reminders

Data-driven Active Reminders and Follow-up


Join Our Program to access these and more!

Lead Contacts

Chronic  Diseases Management Team

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