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More About This Program

Our Online Health Care Platform is enabled by high tech support that ensures there is minimal disruptions to the value chain of providing our client with the best care always. From the options granted to set an appointment, to payment options including the self monitoring data entry into communicated links, we have deliberately ensured that the services are provided in the best affordable manner as is practically possible.


Our Call Centre Agents are specifically trained to handle your request, schedule an appointment easily and transmit to you the necessary links that allows for easy payment and subsequent consultation.


Our clinical team is adequately trained to educate where possible, send you video material of relevance and ensures you are kept abreast of all information about your clinical condition. Moreover, when we send you scripts, we select the closest pharmacy to your location. Our scripts come to you, go to the pharmacy as well as the clinician scripting it for record purposes.


When we analyze your clinical data and we deem it necessary to see your usual doctor, we will, with your permission, send him/her a request to contact you for further planning of treatment.


Why don't you relax and not worry about the call costs? We use Toll-Free numbers and we also call you back should you be unable to bear the call costs.


Please note the following:

These services are not meant to be used during emergencies

We accept CASH via Online Payment, No Medical Aids.

Lead Contacts

The HSBX Health Online Team

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