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Explore LAMN Desk: Our Medico-Legal Assessments

More About This Program

As a Law Firm, you may not have the requisite medical knowledge to analyze all medical records. You also may not be in a position to know which specialist is needed for which case. You might also not be privileged of all processes and documents associated with hospital records in order to cast your opinion on completeness of these records. We do!


Our LAM-N Medical Desk Solution is for you. We partner with you throughout the value chain as a Medical Desk and ensure that we appoint the relevant specialists to review all records. We lower the risk of taking up medical negligence cases by providing you with preliminary risks and let you decide if you wish to proceed. Once you decide to proceed, we provide you with the specialists that assess the claimant and thereafter consolidate the various different reports into one for submission.


As an Insurer or a Health Risk Management Company, you may need to have independent assessments done. We are here for you. We use best tech to ensure Telemedicine serves us best when there is no other alternative. Our Tech Platform is robust and allows you to see the progress throughout all the various stages of the assessments. All documents submissions and claimant registrations are done online, and reports are downloadable throughout.


Our Tech Platform is free to you on condition we are your providers for your Medico-Legal work.​ Contact us and let us have a discussion on how we can best serve you!

Lead Head

Dr Caswell Nkuna

Mobile: 082 465 4637

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